Technological Biomimicry
Recursively generated Sakura using a L-system.
Life has been around for almost four billion years, that's a lot of time for R&D. I am inspired by nature, and I try to mimic it with technology. Most of my work involves observing, uncovering, and representing invisible processes of nature. In mimicking nature, I hope to inspire sustainable solutions to problems caused by technology.
Genetic Algorithm: Evolution to Exctinction

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Behaviors can be created implicitly without explicit programming . Although certain behaviors of this simulation wasn’t explicity programmed, it emerged through the algorithm of the individual character’s characteristic. A system of genetic evolution will never reach its ultimate form. Although the black ones were the fastest, they needed to reproduced with inferior consumers thereby creating sub par offpsrings. Over time, this means that humans as a geneticically evolving organsims will never reach our ultimate form, if such form exist. As the system evolved into a homogenous super-specie, it reached the environment carrying capacity and thereby triggered its own extinction.
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